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Healthforce Minnesota is the Minnesota State Center of Excellence that collaborates with industry and educators to create curriculum and clinical learning opportunities that prepare students for careers in healthcare.

MN Board of Nursing

The mission of the Minnesota Board of Nursing is to protect the public’s health and safety through regulation of nursing education, licensure and practice.

Organization for Associate Degree Nursing

Founded in 1984, the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) is recognized nationally as the voice for Associate Degree Nursing. OADN is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Associate Degree Nursing education, strengthening the professional role of the Associate Degree Nurse, and promoting the future of Associate Degree Nursing as an entry point into registered nursing in the midst of healthcare changes.

The Minnesota Center for Nursing is a 501(c)(3) corporation organized to develop a strategic statewide plan for the nursing workforce in Minnesota, convene relevant workgroups to examine issues, make recommendations, and take action regarding factors affecting nursing preparation/education, recruitment and retention, and enhance and promote recognition, reward, and renewal activities for nurses in Minnesota.

Minnesota Action Coalition

The Minnesota Action Coalition is working to transform health care through nursing in our state. Understanding that Minnesota has specific health care challenges and needs, we are working with diverse stakeholders to create and model innovative solutions with nurses leading the way.

The Minnesota Organization of Leaders in Nursing (MOLN) is a nonprofit organization that consists of nurse leaders throughout the state and gives nurse leaders a collective voice in guiding nursing and impacting the health care system of Minnesota. Any nurse who considers himself/herself a leader in nursing is encouraged to join MOLN.

Members come from all walks of nursing and from every corner of the state. MOLN is an organization for which quality health care is the primary focus. Through collaboration, collegiality, and communication, nursing leaders are able to share their knowledge and expertise to gain new information and perspectives.

The Clinical Coordination Partnership

The Clinical Coordination Partnership (TCCP) works to maximize the ability of our healthcare and education partners to meet clinical experiential learning needs or “clinical experiences.”